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Frequently Asked Questions 

How much can you get for your gold wedding band? 

We pay 50% of the value of the gold. So for a ring with a scrap value of EUR 400, expect to receive EUR 200,- 

What are your payment options? 

When your ring has been received, checked, and the price has been confirmed, your money will be transferred to you by bank transfer or Pay Pal. 

How long does it take to get paid? 

Once you have filled in our contact form, we take 24 hrs to assess your ring description and contact you. Then we send you your envelope to send us your ring. We then need to assess the ring and confirm the price you can receive for your ring, this can take up to a week, taking the delivery time in consideration. Once the ring has been confirmed in price, money will be transferred to you the next day. 

Do you have to pay for my items to be returned? 

Absolutely not! If you are not happy with your offer, first, please call us to discuss your issue. We're committed to happy customers, so we will do everything we can to provide you with the best offer for your items. If you are still not happy with your offer or if you have simply just changed your mind there is never a risk or obligation. Once your offer has been declined, we will safely return your items insured and for FREE.

Do we insure items sent to us? 

No. When you send us your ring, you have to pay for the sending and insurance of your ring.


What kind of gold wedding bands to we buy? 

We currently only buy solid gold 20k, 21k, and 22k pieces in yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. We do not accept gold plated.  

Do you we buy silver? 

No, we only buy gold rings. 

How do we decide how much money you get for your ring? 

The amount we offer you depends on the carat and weight of your gold and the current gold price.

What do I do if my gold isn't hallmarked?

Don’t worry. Our trained staff will perform a simple test to determine whether your item is gold. If it’s not gold, we will return it to you.

Do you buy gold rings with diamonds? 

No, right now we only buy gold rings without any stones or diamonds. 



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